A note from the publisher

On May 1, voters in the City of Roanoke will decide the leadership of the “Star City of the South.” Seven candidates are vying for three seats on Roanoke City Council. The candidates vary in race, culture, gender and sexual orientation. In this month’s issue of ColorsVA, the candidates were invited to answer questions regarding their campaign platforms, as a way to show case their issues and to give insight about why they decided to run. All but one candidate decided to participate and that is fine. I, Robert Jeffrey, am one of the candidates.

I appreciate the other candidates’ enthusiasm to offer their service to the community to improve the quality of life and potentially become an even greater asset to the city. I respect their willingness to use this publication to express their views despite the fact that I own the publication. The candidates’ words are their words and all of them had final say in the final editing of the story.

I respect the candidates – that all of them found the courage and resolve to run for city council. It’s a thankless job. No matter what decision or position you stand on there will be someone opposed. It takes thick skin to handle the naysayers, and it takes patience to listen to the community. So, to all of the candidates, thank you for sharing your thoughts and vision. To whomever wins, please take the council role with enthusiasm and passion. The great people of Roanoke deserve it.


Getting it right…
In last month’s edition, Deena Sasser was misidentified. She is the curator and historian at the Virginia Museum of Transportation.

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